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Frequently Asked Questions

Our launch date for an initial closed beta of version 3.0 of TranslationProjex is March 2024.

We hate per user pricing so we offer a fairer system of 1 licence and unlimited users. That means it doesn’t hurt when your company grows.

Yes please get in touch if you need greater space/support or you have specific requirements such as on premise hosting

Our unique selling point is that we built and use TranslationProjex to manage a translation agency. This means we know your workflows inside out and we don’t build software with features you don’t need. We have a strict data access policy that ensures your data is firewalled (separated) and can only be accessed with your consent.

Each of our TranslationProjex systems are stored separately and securely.

We have no access to your system unless you give us a login or we need to troubleshoot.

We are happy to sign an NDA if you have any concerns.

We have native integrations with DropBox and GoogleDrive and Robert our CAT tool. We also have a connector for Zapier which opens up TranslationProjex to over 10,000 applications like QuickBooks, HubSpot and Slack.

All our systems are protected by SSL encryption and logins are hashed to ensure full lockdown.

We have an extensive online knowledge base that allows you to find quick answers to common queries. Our Customer Success Team offers same day support.

Life’s too uncertain for long term contracts! Your subscription to TranslationProjex is a rolling contract, on a month-to-month basis.

If TranslationProjex isn’t for you, let us know. First we’ll try and resolve any issues and concerns before we let you go! 

You aren’t locked in to any long contracts, so if you do decide to leave, you’ll have nothing further to pay and we’ll just delete all of your data, and can provide you a copy of your database file so you have it to keep.

The system is built to enable users to fully customize its key elements. You can add your company logo, your services, your currency, manage your users, resources etc. You can even change the look and feel of the user interface.

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