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Over 500 customers managing their translations with TranslationProjex.

Easy Project Management

TranslationProjex makes managing projects as easy and as quick as possible.

Simple workflows based on comprehensive research on the fastest way to give project tasks completed mean that you don’t waste time on paperwork. A project manager can log in and set up projects, create client jobs, assign project tasks and send out purchase orders and invoices in a matter of minutes. The workflows are based on how you work rather than forcing you to fit the system.

Built For Translation Agencies

TranslationProjex was built by and for translation agencies and LSPs.

This means the workflows mirror the way you actually work not how some techy thinks you should work!

Translation workflows include sending a quote to a client, automatically creating a project based on that quote, creating tasks, assigning these to translators and sending them a purchase order, invoicing clients and getting paid.

Client & Resource Access

Powerful and easy-to-use portals for clients & resources to access everything they need.

TranslationProjex allows your client and resources to login and view their invoices, purchase orders, tasks and to manage their contact data and payment details. Powerful an easy-to-use portals also allow them to upload and download project files.


  • Create invoices based on POs
  • Upload files
  • Keep track of payments
  • Check terminology
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Maintain personal info


  • View their projects
  • See their invoices
  • Check quotes
  • See their statistics
  • Keep track of payments
  • Upload files
Powerful Reporting

TranslationProjex includes powerful reporting features

Keeping track of multiple projects, clients and resources and making you pay and get paid on time is a key headache for translation and localization companies.

TranslationProjex includes a Reporting dashboard that gives you an overview of the financial health of your company. Exportable reports include cashflow, sales, profit and loss and sales pipeline analysis.

Work From Anywhere

TranslationProjex is a web-based system, meaning you can run your business from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Implementation is straightforward, with no hardware to purchase, complex migration steps or IT consultants needed to get you up and running.

The system is optimised to run quickly and works on your PC, IPad or even mobile phone. The advantages of web-based software are clear:

  • No software to update
  • No need for an IT expert to set up and maintain a complex system
  • No hardware to maintain
  • Your data is safe and backed up so you don’t lose everything if you have a system meltdown
  • Multiple users can access the system at the same time
Quote & Invoice Management

TranslationProjex includes a quote and invoice management function that lets you quickly create template based invoices and quotes.

No more wasting time with word templates and losing track of what you’ve sent and when. As soon as you hit the send button TranslationProjex keeps track of open quotes and invoices.

Built-in CRM Module

A project management and customer relationship management tool all in one.

TranslationProjex helps you keep track of your CRM activities with it’s built-in CRM dashboard. Track sales and marketing activities of potential clients with the built-in CRM.

Use Any Currency

Translation projects are an increasingly global affair.

You’re likely to have clients and resources who may prefer to use different currencies. TranslationProjex allows you to add as many currencies as you need. A built-in currency updater keeps exchange rates up-to-date so that you can get an accurate picture of the financial state of your business in your base currency.

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