5 Reason Why You Need a Translation Project Management Tool

As a translation agency, you are probably (and hopefully) always working on numerous projects at the same time. A single project, probably has several people, in different roles and across different locations working on it. But they are all working towards the same goal of successful delivery. The more people that the project involves, the more challenging the management of the project becomes. This is where we can help you. TranslationProjex won’t only ease your project management, but it will accumulate good communication, organisation and overall efficiency of your teams.

We have put together a few reasons why it is crucial to invest in a translation project management tool, to streamline your processes and ensure a successful delivery every time.

1. Smart and simple planning

A project management process can take up a lot of time because it begins with mapping out all the steps and people involved. Using a project management tool, you are provided with the ability to easily view a hierarchy of individual tasks and people on a single platform, allowing for more effective and efficient project completion. It clearly sets out the following steps, time frames and tasks that depend on another. In turn, it makes for easier and more accurate future planning and time-saving. 

2. Effective task management

Every project will involve several steps and tasks that must be completed. Keeping track of what a team is doing and how long it is taking can become very complicated, if not impossible, without using a planner. With a project management tool, you can assign individual tasks and time frames to team members, allowing you and the rest of the team to monitor each other’s performance. Using a project management software gives the team leader an opportunity to always be able to see the tasks that the team is working on and which team members are involved in the task. Through better task management, a team and its team leader have transparency on projects, which enables them all to collaborate effectively. 

4. Accurate project tracking

Tracking the time spent on every task is very important. It lets you collect data about your team members and their work pace. It also gives your team members clear project steps and deadlines, allowing them to feel and be held accountable. By tracking your projects, it will make future planning much easier and give you the ability to make time estimations more precise. 

3. Clients, calendars and documents 

Talking particularly about TranslationProjex now, our software will let you organise all projects according to clients. This allows you to clearly identify who your top clients are and who you might have fallen off the radar for. Within each client record, it informs you of your last completed project and the date and communication of your last contact with that client. 

Most projects will usually come with a high volume of documents, this is particularly true for a translation agency. Project management tools, let you share the location of each project’s documentation, allowing for the team to easily access and edit. 

As well as the above, a project management tool will let you view the calendars of other team members, all on one platform. This is extremely convenient in order to schedule in more work and team meetings.

5. Saving money

By using a single platform to organise your projects, keep track of the task and time of team members, and keep an overview of client engagement, will not only save a lot of time but money too. By investing in a project management tool, you are investing in your team, your company and future projects.

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